What is a K-1 Visa

What is a K-1 Visa or Thai fiancee visa and how long does it take. What is the purpose of the visa and what other options do you have with regards to your fiancee in Thailand. The K-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for your Thai fiancee to come to the United States with the express purpose of getting married to you. There is a time limit with regards to getting married and it is always best to ensure that all the arrangements have been made beforehand.

The 3 month time limit goes faster than you think. Questions that do arise is what about her child or children. Do you want them to arrive with her or later after she has been in the United States.This is important as they will require a K-2 Visa which does not always have to be applied for with the K-1 Visa but it is much better to speak to your immigration attorney before the time arrives. Most common problems in Thailand is if your fiancee has children and does not have custody of the children, maybe she is still married or the child are to old for a K-2 visa. Once you have all the information your attorney would be able to assist you in obtaining all the needed documents and assist you with a check list for what will be needed.

You are required to submit your Petition for Alien Fiancee (Form I-129F) according to your place of residence, There are four main Service centers in the United States, which handle I-129F application packages. Your attorney would have you and your Thai fiancee provide all the information and complete the forms and forward them to you for signature. Getting a fiancee visa to the US can be difficult. Obtain the correct information beforehand so that you know where you stand with regards to the application. Call us on our US toll free number or speak to us on live chat on our main website.