US Fiancee Visa in Pattaya

Over the years the number of applications at our Pattaya office has seen a dramatic increase with regards to a K1 Visa or US fiancee visa. This has seen and increase for a number of reasons. There are close to zero attorneys in Pattaya doing any type of legal work with regards to the US fiancee visa. Yes there are agents but why spend money with an agent when you can have a US attorney do this for you?  The increase in US applications is mainly because Pattaya itself is changing.

We are seeing more middle class men with families arriving and the applicants for the US visa has mainly shifted to the middle upper class Americans’ who have property and investments and they need to have this protected. There are a number of ways of protecting your property in the US and this is mainly by way of the prenuptial agreement. Each State in the US has its own laws and this can be difficult to draft if you do not have a qualified US attorney on staff. Our Pattaya office will ensure that all the documents are in hand then hand the process over to your Bangkok Head Office for application.

See: Financial Requirements for the K1 Visa

Now, having your fiancee there are always issues with regards to children. Pattaya is no different and options have to be viewed. There are a number of questions to ask when thinking about a K1 Visa while in Pattaya:

  1. Your fiancee does she have children?
  2. Your fiancee do her children live in Pattaya or Isaan?
  3. The children of your Thai fiancee is the father still alive?
  4. If your Thai fiancee divorced?

These issues are always making the numerous questions that you will need to answer as the children will also need a US Visa and if their father is still alive you might require his permission to take them out of the country. Hence the issue of divorce comes to the fore and how has child custody for the child/children.

If you are considering taking your Thai fiancee back to the US then speak to us at Siam Legal for more information to ensure that everything works well and that there are no delays. You will note that our price is the same as what a visa agent will charge – so make the better choice and view our services as an investment in your peace of mind.