US Embassy Thailand: Interview

If you have applied for a K1 Visa or a K3 Visa then you need to set the date for the interview at the US embassy in Bangkok. At this interview they will decide if you are allowed to enter the US or not. Even if all the paperwork is complete it is up to the officials at the US embassy to decide if you can obtain the visa or not.

We have listed the address for the embassy below with the current wait times and also their contact details. Note that you will be notified when you can have the interview at the embassy. Below this we have also listed some of the common questions that they do ask at the embassy in Thailand.

The Current Wait Time – US Embassy in Bangkok

Visitors Visas: 13 Days
Student/Exchange Visitors Visas: 7 Days
All Other Nonimmigrant Visas*** (Excludes: A, G, K, and V): 7 Days


US Embassy in Chiang Mai

Address: 387 Witchayanond Road,
Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand


US Embassy in Bangkok

Address: 95 Wireless Road,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

E-mail Inquiries:
Email inquiries should be directed to:
For immigrant and fiancé visa inquiries, please email to

By the time you are at the interview stage all your paperwork would have been completed and you would have by now also obtain a police clearance certificate in Thailand. The question process tends to see if the relationship is valid as they do check for any form of immigration fraud before they issue the US visa. The questions will depend on what type of visa you are looking at for the US. As an example you might want to visit the US on a tourist visa and they would ask question to see if you will return to Thailand after you holiday or not. Fiancee and Marriage visa questions concern how well you know the other person. Note that they can deny the US visa at this stage if they believe that the relationship is a farce. Questions would be down the line of:

  1. What type of work does your fiancee/husband do?
  2. How many brothers does you fiancee/husband have?
  3. Where did you meet?
  4. What is his birthday?
  5. Where in the US does he live?
  6. Does your fiancee/husband have a mother?
  7. What does your fiancee/husband’s parents do for a living?

The questions are asked to ensure that the relationship is real and that you do know each other well enough to qualify it as being a valid relationship. They tend to want to know how well you know each other and also the family in the US with regards to occupation, names and also dates. Asking where you met can be a trick question as saying you met in a bar in Pattaya is not going to be good. It might show as immigration fraud, a business relationship or prostitution. As stated above this stage of the visa process is very important as this is where they can either issue the visa or deny the visa. Also ensure that you have an attorney with you during the interview as they do at times require additional documents. This can range from vaccination certificates but as stated it all comes down to what type of visa is being applied for. The CR1 visa even though the best spouse visa around will be very heavily scrutinized as this is the closest you can get to being a US citizen in the shortest space in time  compared to a K1 visa.


Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for more information.