Thai Fiancee Visa for Thai Girlfriend

Obtaining a fiancee visa for your Thai fiancee starts with considering if you as a US citizen qualifies to be a sponsor of a K-1 Fiancee visa for your Thai girlfriend. Lets look at the requirements. The K-1 visa is valid for ninety days from entry, and permits employment. The K-1 visa holder must marry the U.S. citizen within ninety days of entry into the U.S. If the K-1 visa holder and U.S. citizen do not marry within ninety days, the K-1 visa holder must depart the United States.

After the K-1 visa holder and U.S. citizen marry, an application for legal permanent residence for the K-1 visa holder and any K-2 dependent children must be made with the BCIS.

  • The couple must have met in person within two years before filing the application for the K-1 visa, but this requirement can be waived if evidence of either of the following is submitted:
  • Compliance would result in extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen petitioner; or
  • Compliance would violate strict and long-established customs of the K-1 visa holder’s foreign culture or practice. For example, compliance would violate the custom of marriage traditionally arranged by the parents, and the prospective bride and groom are prohibited from meeting prior to the wedding day;
  • The couple must have a bona fide intention to marry; and,
  • The couple must be legally able and willing to conclude a valid marriage in the United States within ninety days after the K-1 visa holder’s arrival.