Police Clearance Certificate

If you are apply for a US visa from Thailand then one of the requirements is that you need to show that you do not have a criminal record. This means that you have to apply for a Police Clearance certificate at Thai police in Bangkok. The certificate normally takes a few days of obtain and we have listed the procedure below so you may understand what is needed and why.

If you have ever been convicted of a crime in Thailand then you more likely than not will not obtain a K1 visa for the US or for that matter any visa to the US especially if it involves prostitution or drugs. The US has become very strict in this regard and anyone who has a criminal record will not be allowed into the US. If you have any other type of conviction then you can speak to a lawyer in Thailand about the possibility of applying for a waiver for the issue however this would take months to have reviewed. You fiancee might have convicted for shoplifting when she was 18 and you could possibly apply for have a waiver for this based on age and also her circumstances. Again speak to an immigration lawyer in Bangkok or Pattaya about this.

The process of obtaining the police clearance certificate starts in Bangkok at the Special branch of Thai Police. The address for the police is as follows and also note that documents needed when you do go for the certificate.

Police Clearance Service Centre

Commander Special Branch,
Royal Thai Police Headquarters,
Rama I Road, Patumwan,
Bangkok 10330,

Telephone: +66 (02) 205-2168,
Fax: +66 (02) 205-2169,

The following documents are needed when you apply for a police clearance certificate for your fiancee visa in Thailand.

  • Passport with one photocopy
  • Thai ID Card with one photocopy
  • House registration with one photocopy
  • In case of name or surname change, name or surname change certificate is required with one photocopy
  • Military Service Document (Sor Dor 8 or Sor Dor 43 or the certificate)
  • Marriage certificate or Divorce certificate (if available) with one photocopy
  • Requesting letter from the embassy of the country that the applicant
Those are the documents which are needed for the police clearance certificate. Most times the documents attached are those needed for the K1 visa. As an example some place a copy of the Notice of Action on the application form for the certificate showing that they are going to travel. Speak to your attorney in Thailand about this when they apply for the visa as normally they will apply with a letter from the law firm.