• US Embassy Thailand: Interview

    US Embassy - Thailand : Interview

    If you have applied for a K1 Visa or a K3 Visa then you need to set the date for the interview at the US embassy in Bangkok. At this interview they will decide if you are allowed to enter the US or not. Even if all the paperwork is complete it is up to the officials at the US emb...

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  • Police Clearance Certificate

    Police Clearance Certificate

    If you are apply for a US visa from Thailand then one of the requirements is that you need to show that you do not have a criminal record. This means that you have to apply for a Police Clearance certificate at Thai police in Bangkok. The certificate normally takes a few days of ...

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  • US Fiancee Visa in Pattaya

    US Visa from Thailand

    Over the years the number of applications at our Pattaya office has seen a dramatic increase with regards to a K1 Visa or US fiancee visa. This has seen and increase for a number of reasons. There are close to zero attorneys in Pattaya doing any type of legal work with regards to...

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  • Financial Requirements for a K1 Visa

    Financial Requirements for US Visa

    There are certain financial requirements for the K-1 Visa which would need to be met. Depending on where in the US you live the financial requirements would differ. Here is a list of states/financial requirements. In order to be a sponsor for a K-1 Visa you need to be 125% over t...

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  • K-2 Visa – Fiancee Children

    US K2 Visa from Thailand

    The K-2 Visa is a visa for the child or children of your Thai fiancee. The visa allows them to enter the United States with their mother or after her arrival. If she is divorced check the custody status of the children. speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more informat...

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  • Thai Fiancee Visa

    Thai Fiancee Visa

    Obtaining a Thai Fiancee Visa is not as easy as it may appear as many times mistakes occur and the process needs to be redone at great cost. Ensure that your fiancee visa application runs smoothly by employing qualified US immigration attorneys to complete the application and to ...

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  • Thai Fiancee Visa for Thai Girlfriend

    Thai Fiancee Visa for Thai Girlfriend

    Obtaining a fiancee visa for your Thai fiancee starts with considering if you as a US citizen qualifies to be a sponsor of a K-1 Fiancee visa for your Thai girlfriend. Lets look at the requirements. The K-1 visa is valid for ninety days from entry, and permits employment. The K-1...

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  • What is a K-1 Visa

    Visa to US from Thailand

    What is a K-1 Visa or Thai fiancee visa and how long does it take. What is the purpose of the visa and what other options do you have with regards to your fiancee in Thailand. The K-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for your Thai fiancee to come to the United States with the express...

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